A31 with PowerVR 544MP2 - 2 or 8 cores?

PowerVR does not release GPU specs except to those registered on their site.

I am fairly sure the MP2 refers to 2 vertex processors. 8 “logical” cores may refer to either, 8 fragment processors (with 2 vertex not counted) or 2 vertex + 6 fragment processors.

RK3066 has Mali400MP4 but they only count the fragment (pixel) processors instead. ARM does not include the vertex processor.


ie. PowerVR likely names their GPUs according to # of vertex processors compared to ARM (Mali) which uses # of fragment processors.

What really matters though are 3D benchmarks like GLBenchmark. Performance is more important and what counts than actual GPU specs!!!

See 3D ARM chip comparison here:

http://www.glbenchma…30&D4=Ramos W41

Two tablets are at 1024x768 & two at 1280x800. That will have minor impact on GPU performance but hard to find tablets with different ARM chips all with the same resolution to compare “fairly” against.

Notice that in 2.1 tests, Exynos 4412, RK3066 & A31 tablets score pretty much the same. In 2.5 tests, a different story. RK3066 fails. No idea why this happens because Exynos 4412 can run them with Mali400 GPU. A31 scores about 1.5X better than Exynos 4412. The difference in resolution adds to some of the higher score for A31 chip but still fairly big.

I also include W41 (ATM7029) to show how it compares too. Very bad in 2.1 tests. Fairly bad in 2.5 tests too but at least can run them not like RK3066 which cannot for some reason. Mali driver or kernel issue with RK3066?

PS, higher resolutions give worse 3D gaming performance & battery life!!! Only get one if you do lots of reading and typing. ie. 70%+