By using Xcode, I want to see the view in front of the game screen.

Nice to meet you.

I will use the powerSDK, trying to make a game for the iOS.
So, I, such as images and buttons on the game screen, I want to see the view, but it does not go well.
The bottom of the game screen, such as images and buttons, it seems they’ve been hiding.

Please tell me something good means.

I’m sorry in strange English.

Hi S,
Could your reproduce your problem with simple code snippet base on powerSDK, then I will try to help you to identify the problem. Or you can try to use Xcode to debug your application(Section: Capturing and Analyzing an OpenGL ES Frame – Xcode OpenGL ES Tools Overview).


Hi Kevin

I’m sorry, I do not know what to do.

I will up a simple project that the problem occurs.

Immediately after you start the application, the image and the button appears on the screen.
But soon in the screen that was displayed by the powervrSDK, image and buttons will be hidden.
Images and buttons that I have set in the storyboard, I want to display in front of the screen, which was displayed by the powervrSDK.

First of all, does it it is not possible to control the screen by the powervrSDK in ViewController and storyboard?


Thank you.

Hi S,

Glad to hear the issue is resolved. If you encounter any other problems, please let us know.