CPVRTglesExt Init() to LoadExtensions()

I’m using the 3_01_00_02 SDK for OMAP 3530.  I noticed that the CPVRTglesExt call for initializing extensions changed from Init() to LoadExtensions().  Is there a #define that can be used to decide which call to use?


We updated the name of the function to make it a bit more descriptive some time ago in our code - the obvious solution would be to update refererences to this in your code if you can. We don’t plan to change the function name again, unless there is a very good reason.

Aside from this being a bit of a pain to do in multiple projects is there a specific reason that you can’t do this?

There is no #define provided as such.

Hi Gordon,
The reason I’m looking for a #define is because I have source which I’d like to build against old and newer versions of the PVR source.  I’ll try to derive another flag in my build system, based on the TI OMAP Graphics SDK release version.

Thanks for your reply!

You could probably make use of the ‘#define PVRSDK_VERSION’ in “…Buildssdkver.h” - while I can’t guarantee that won’t change, it hasn’t so far and is unique per SDK release.

It looks like PVRSDK_VERSION is defined as a string and so cannot be used in a preprocessor expression like ‘#if VERSION_MAJOR == 2’, unless I’m missing some obvious/simple way to use it.  No big deal as I’ll find another #define elsewhere.