Does gDEBugger work with the SDK?

I’ve tried using gDEBugger with my own code created with the SDK and with the demo executables but I always get the same error:

PVRShell: Unable to create a context

I’m using the latest version of gDEBugger which is 5.8. I know on your site you mention gDEBugger ES but there’s no reference to it on the gDEBugger site anymore.

Hi Legion,

What platform are you trying to use gDEBugger on? Our PC emulation?

We wouldn’t suggest using the OpenGL gDEBugger with our PC emulation as this will capture the GL calls made by the emulation library instead of the GLES calls made by your application, which could be misleading. I believe gDEBugger ES has been discontinued. Instead, we would suggest that you use our GLES capture tool - PVRTrace - as this will work with our PC emulation and also with Android and Linux devices. You can obtain PVRTrace from our latest SDK package, or you can download the utility seperately from here.

Yes, I’m using the PC emulation. I’ll take a look at PVRTrace. Does it link to the executable in real time like gDebugger?

Yes.The recording library sits between your application and the PC Emulation libraries. This allows it to capture GL data as the application is running.
The PVRTrace manual explains how to set up recording with PC emulation.