[for help] why my es application has puncture


  I use es1.1 write a application about the surface curl deform.

  There are two puzzle confuse me:

  1> when i run the demo in the iphone simulation it works as my expectation, but when i run it on the iphone device, when the surface be curled that there are several puncture occur on the scene.

  2> In the iphone simulation the alpha test can work successful, but when in iphone device the alpha test do not affect to the surface, so confuse.

  Can anyone help me resolve my confusion.

  Thanks in advance.


It is very difficult for us to know which might be the problem just by you description. We are not aware of any issue with alpha test on the iPhone device.You could try asking Apple's developer support and supply them with an example that works on the simulator but does not on the device.

In general we discourage the use of alpha test as it affects performance.



Thanks for your help