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Intel HD Graphics 3000 support


I was wondering if anyone has been using the emulators ES1/ES2 on Intel HD Graphics 3000. How well are they running on that graphic adapter? I'm considering buying a ThinkPad X220 which comes with this GPU. In fact most new gen ultraportable have given up on NVidia and AMD and now using that integrated Intel HD Graphics 3000. (Mac, Sony, ThinkPad, Samsung... )

I did a quick try in a high street shop on a Toshiba with the same GPU and it worked: I could start one of the ES2 demo. Did not dare doing extensive testing by fear of getting caught and kicked out Big%20smile

Slion2011-09-13 15:27:41


I have tried running a PowerVR SDK-based application on  Intel HD Graphics 3000.
The application gave an empty screen with no contents.

Is there a way to debug what’s wrong?

I updated latest drivers.
I tried running GLView to assess compatibility.
The rendering tests passed and GLView says that it is 100% compliant to OpenGL3.1.

Please help.