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Job opportunity!!


Cinimod Studio is looking for PowerVR experts, urgently.

We need a freelancer who is:

- Expert in PowerVR development

- Expert in C/C++ programming

- Confident with Linux

- Confident in developing to target BeagleBoard

The output of the project is to comprise of a beagleboard driving a 7 or 8 inch screen. The content will be the animated POD file, containing one rigged model, which will be controlled (both animation and camera position/rotation) by a feed from an external sensor which we are interfacing with the beagleboard. For the sake of explanation imagine that the POD file will be like a rigged bird which have all the action on a single screen. Everything is driven by the PowerVR hardware/software.

We are based in London.

Please contact us at

Cinimod Studio is a cross-discipline practice based in London specialising in the fusion of architecture and lighting design. It was started by the architect Dominic Harris, whose passion for interactive art and lighting design has produced built projects now found across the international art and architecture scene. See more at

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