Palm PDK compiling

Hey guys, i’m loving these demos, playing with them on my palm pre. but i’ve got a problem, i cant seem to compile the code into a webos ipk myself. it tells me when i use the cmd to run nmake on the makefile.mak for the projects that nmake is not recognised. Which is strange. Is there a way that i can compile this using the method used to normally compile palm PDK apps, using the arm-none-linux-gnueabi-gcc call on all my sources and libraries?

has anyone else attempted to compile these on a windows 7 or vista?

could it be that i just need to find a way to install the nmake application that i’m somehow missing?

Hey guys i ended up figuring it out while i was laying in bed, had to add another path to the $path$ environment variable so windows would look in my vc bin directory for nmake. Now everything compiles nice and clean :slight_smile:

This is the right thing to do. A note will be added to the instructions in the SDK user guide about this, though.

Glad you like the demos.