POD material manipulation


When using POD files in my code I see that the material structure supports multiple “layers”, f.e. nIdxTexDiffuse, nIdxTexBump, nIdxTexGlossiness etc.

Using PVRShaman it seems that I can only set what will become nIdxTexDiffuse… How do I specify texture names to the other channels in the material?

Kind regards, Andreas

Hi Andreas.

Unfortunately PVRShaman doesn’t support writing to the different texture channels and can only write to the diffuse channel, as you’ve described.

I’ll make a note of this feature request however so keep an eye on our release notes for future versions of PVRShamana.

Ok, noted! I look forward to that feature!

Meanwhile I simply create a naming convention system so that when my POD-loader loads the diffuse texture it simply checks for the other textures as well according to some naming convention and modify the POD-resource on the fly.