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Vulkan for Nexus Player - Problem downloading


It’s great to see Vulkan 1.0 finally go live, and to see ImgTech out there with a driver implementation from day 1!

On that note, I was trying to download the image for Nexus Player, and was unable to with 3 different browsers (Internet Explorer (11), Firefox (44.0.2), or Chrome (48.0.2564.109)). Is anyone else having similar trouble downloading?

Specifically, go here:

Log in, and then click on:

  • Vulkan Nexus Player Image [Accept Terms & Request Download]

which points to:

After 1-2 seconds, I’m redirected to:

instead of the license agreement or Nexus Player image page. This misbehavior happens on all three browsers. Does anyone else have this problem?


I have exactly the same problem.


The Vulkan download issue has been resolved.


Thanks. Just downloaded the image successfully.