3DS Max & Maya 2011 Support?

PVRGeoPOD will not work under 3DS Max 2011 or Maya 2011. This is a problem as versions earlier than 2011 are no longer available from Autodesk. When will you have a version of PVRGeoPOD that supports 3DS Max 2011 & Maya 2011? 

We will support the new versions of these products in a future release, possibly by the end of the summer.

Is there any update as to when 2011 support will be released?

Thanks in advance.


Sorry for the delayed response. Assuming testing doesn't reveal any problems we expect to update

https://www.imgtec.com/powervr/insider/powervr-pvrgeopod.asp with a package that contains Max and Maya 2011 support within the next week.

Thank you, very much appreciated.

So I take it you found some problems during testing? :slight_smile:

gogorobot wrote:
So I take it you found some problems during testing? :)


Nope, just some delays getting it on the site. :(


If you send an email to devtech@imgtec.com specifying whether you would like the Maya or Max version we can send you a copy.




Edit: The site has now been updated with the latest package.
Scott2011-01-05 14:53:56

Fantastic, thanks :slight_smile: