about the html doc

i was looking for a quick reading of the documentation api… in html format and wooowwww ,there is nothing , sure the doc is generated

but for someone hungry of knowledge it s a bit disapointing check it out , you will tell me :slight_smile:

it s not a critic but it could be surely better than empty space…:slight_smile:


david aka doc reader sometimes

Hi David,

Thanks for the feedback. Are you referring to our SDK User Guide? We’re currently considering ways to improve it. If there is any specific information you’d like us to add, let us know :slight_smile:



yes i am refering to the sdk user guide. please , like more description on critical classes (texture,pod,pfx etc) ,important method with a short usage context in the summary or on what it is related.

can we as well make some link between the spec of the api doc, at least classify by area of knowledge.

example PFX Language Format and the related API.