Access to EAGLContext from PVRShell

I am working on an application that utilizes the CVOpenglESTextureCache API from iOS 5.  When using this one has to pass in a reference to a EAGLContext to initially create the TextureCache.

Is there a way to get a pointer to the EAGLContext from PVRShell. Its my preference to get a from this higher level of abstraction instead of “gutting” out the actual SDK.

If its not possible I was also entertaining the possibility of creating an additional context dedicated for the TextureCache. I just don’t know how this would impact performance.


@Joe Davis or @Tobias

Any thoughts on this?



You can use the static Objective-C function [EAGLContext currentContext] which will return you a pointer to the current EAGLContext, as initialised in the shell.

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Thanks  Arron…

I’m somewhat laughing at myself… I can tell I have used  setCurrentContext so many times that I would never think I could access itLOL