AlphaBlend Demo Problem.

I want to change the background of AlphaBlend demo in the training courses. I have modify the pixel and other properties as the original background one. But it still says error in get backgrnd.pvr.

Is there any other things I should notice? I only change the bmp file, and save the new one as a pvr file using PVRTexTool.

Many thanks!


What settings did you use to encode the PVR file? What is the size of the new texture?

I followed the one in the demo. Size is 256*256, and other properties are same except current number of MIP-maps is 8 not 0 as the original one.

I used PVRTexTool to make the PVR file, replace the original one. My question is what is the problem since I only change the background pvr file, but does not run the new demo? Is there any other things to notice?

Many thanks.


Could you please send the PVR file to or upload it somewhere so we can check whether there’s something wrong with the file?



Sure, done!

Thanks very much!!!

Where you able to resolve this problem? I am having the same problem.


Thanks in advance.

Yes - there was a file naming issue that we eventually cleared up.

What are the exact steps you have followed to create the new texture and the steps you have taken to change the demo to use it?

I was able to resolve my issue.  See the following topic in the SDK forum for more on this.

“Unsupported input file format” error message


Thank you.