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Can I use the GCMP instruction on a GLSL shader?


I’m currently working on a GLSL compute shader to convert RAW camera images to sRGB color space.
I’ve read the PowerVR Instruction Set Reference and I’ve found the GCMP and GEXP instructions but I don’t know how to instruct the compiler to use them from GLSL code.

I’m looking for these instructions mostly because my naïve implementation of gamma compression (based from here ) costs about 20 cycles!

Typing pow(x, 1.0 / 2.2) on PVRShaderEditor (and other possible combinations around pow(); ) doesn’t hint the compiler to use the GCMP instruction, for example.

Is there some way to use these instructions, like a OpenGL extension?
Right now, I wouldn’t mind to have my code to only work under Series 6 GPUs.

Thank you in advance!



have you tried the sRGB extensions?

These should instruct the compiler to sample the texture using sRGB decoding.
It might not show up in the offline compiler because I wouldn’t know that you’re sampling an sRGB texture.