development platform for OpenGL ES on SGX 543

I am trying to evaluate if our shader program can run realtime on SGX 543 or SGX540. I have a pandaboard with SGX540 and ubuntu headless distribution installed. I don’t think I can develop any OpenGL ES program on it, either the driver is missing, or the development package is missing. I looked at Imagination SDK but it only has x86 support, not ARM.

I don’t necessarily need to use pandaboard. Would like some suggestion on the development platform. The only requirement is to be able to use shaders. Please advice. Urgent need, thank in advance if I can get an answer quickly.


We do not supply drivers in our SDK. It’s the responsibility of our customers to provide drivers for their platforms. I’ve had a look at the documentation. According to this FAQ item, the Ubuntu GPU drivers can be found here. You should be able to install the drivers through your package manager.

You can use our SDK Examples and Shell abstraction layer to quickly write graphics applications for LinuxARMV7 platforms.