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does PVR app/game work on all phones ?



I would like to know if an app developed using PVR SDK (lets say for Android OS) can work on Android phones with a different graphic card (lets say nVidia) ?
What would prevent it from functioning and what error could I be expecting if so ? Is there a way to distinguish in the manifest or some other place to avoid installation of my app in Android phones that do not have imagination graphics card ?

Am I asking the right questions ? :expressionless:



The only code that will prevent immediate portability are any Imagination specific extensions you may rely on (e.g. PVRTC compressed textures). If you are using our tools code to load PVRTC compressed textures, the image will be decoded in software if the PVRTC extension isn’t available.



Hi Joe,

Your PVR SDK is indeed excellent !! I’ve released out our first game which is cross-platform on android and iOS devices and it works flawlessly !! 
The only sucky part is where extensions are not supported by other vendors. For example I am surprised that samsung s3 (which used ARM) does not even support MapBuffer functionality !! That was causing crashing issues as my engine was solely based on able to map a buffer and update it. Well…tradeoff is eventual !! 
Thanks for the support !



Hi Madan,

No problem. Thanks for the positive feedback :slight_smile: