Dud textures coming out of PVRTexTool


Try as I might I can’t seem to get any working textures out of PVRTexTool - whatever I try the resulting textures do not appear in the xcode viewer, in my game or in other tool (I can however load them back into PVRTexTool so the information is there). The same png processed with texturetool works fine. I have tried both the windows and mac version gui and command line always with the same result.

any ideas what I am missing?

Hi merf,

PVRTexTool is now using a new version of PVR file - PVR v3 - which has a different header layout to the old versions. There is a document available in the SDK - or with a fresh download of the PVRTexTool utility - which documents this file type “PVR File Format.Specification”. If you look at this document it should explain how to use the new version. Also worth noting is that our updated tools code supports loading this file type.