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GL_DEPTH problem



i’m using the OpenGL ES 1.1 SDK on Linux (Debian) on top of VirtualPC (!)

I have built MESA succcessfully (7.x) and I’m facing a problem with depth buffers.
None of the sample run with a depth buffer and I get the MESA warning: GL_DEPTH_TEST enabled but no Z Buffer.

However, glxinfo gives configurations with Z buffer of 16 bits.



As has been said in the other forum that you posted this question to, I don’t believe VirtualPC offers emulation of a graphics card that is advanced enough to support the ES 1.1 SDK.

It will be better to run Linux natively. If you’re running VirtualPC under Windows then I don’t see the advantage of using the Linux SDK when there is a PCEmulation SDK natively for Windows, either.


Virtual PC emulates the S3 board.
I now have a almost ok configuration, some of the objects not being displayed.

I like your remark about running the SDK on Linux, but indeed I need to.