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glCompressedTexSubImage2D(ios, PVR, Opengles2.0) ?


Hi all,

I met the GLError GL_INVALID_OPERATION when calling glCompressedTexSubImage2D to upload a 6464 pvr image as a sub texture part in order to replace the original place of a previous 10241024 pvr texture.

Just wondering is that function supported by pvr format in ios? or I didn’t call it correctly?


Hi diamondcm,

Unfortunately glCompressedTexSubImage2D has very limited capability in OGLES1/2, as there is only one compressed texture format on these APIs which accepts sub data currently on a limited set of platforms, not including iOS.

This unfortunately means you’ll either have to use uncompressed formats, see if you can get away with simply using multiple textures, or create your effect in an alternative way.




Thank you so much!