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glGenerateMipmap working on emulation ...


… and not on hardware.

I’m not getting any GL error … but I get no texture (everything is black).

Any hint ?


How do you create the texture, what is the size, format, etc?


glTexImage2D( GL_TEXTURE_2D, 0, InternalFormat, Image->getDimension().Width,

                             Image->getDimension().Height, 0, PixelFormat, PixelType, source );

With InternalFormat and PixelFormat as GL_RGBA and PixelType as GL_UNSIGNED_BYTE

It happens with various textures of various size. for instance a 1024x1024.


Hm, this looks like it should work. glGenerateMipmap won’t work for non-power-of-two textures or compressed textures, though. Does the glGenerateMipmap call immediately follow glTexImage2D?

What is the hardware/driver you’re running this on?


I tried with npot and pot textures, i have the same result :

I’m using drivers (angstrom) on an omap3 board (igepv2) … Last time I tried to update my system, it broke 3D support.