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Glow Effect + motion blur


motion blur info


ok it s solve now


how to remove comment ?


Oh right, I meant to ask you about this, do you to edit this to remove comments, or do you want to start again with a new topic?


i just press edit , but i dont know how to remover it.


glow effect is really easy , motion blur more difficult


Hi David,

It’s a little non-obvious how to do it, but it is possible. If you check the tick box to the right of a post, a popup should appear in the bottom-left corner of your browser window that says:


You have selected 1 comment in this discussion.

Take Action: Delete Split Cancel


Let us know if this is not appearing for you.




it doesnt not appear at all Joe




Hi David,

Thanks for letting us know. We’re looking into this now.



did you see that the comment are out of order now !!!


Yeah. That’s another thing we’re discussing with our forum provider. Hopefully we’ll find a solution to that in the near future.