Hardware-supported features?

Recently I learned that the MBX Lite doesn’t actually support indexed vertices in hardware.  I also just heard about the 3:3:2 frame buffer format.  Some time ago, I found out that paletted textures aren’t directly supported.

Is there a list of hardware-supported features for the MBX Lite?  I’m mostly interested in vertex formats, but I’d like to see anything else available.  This will help me generate OpenGL-compatible data that’s as hardware-friendly as possible.

In particular, I’m curious if the hardware directly supports a 16-bit vertex color, instead of the 4-component ubyte/fixed/float format allowed by the OpenGL ES standard.

There is no such list, I’m afraid. But you can only use the features exposed through OpenGL ES (and extensions) anyway.

For vertex data simply use the smallest data format supported in OpenGL ES which meets your precision and range needs. And use 4-byte alignment for each vertex attribute.