How To Export Png Without Channel?

What it says on the tin. I’d been using an older version for sometime and with it had the option to export the RGB layer itself only without the Alpha channel as a PNG. In the current version it seems to export them as combined, PNG doesn’t support layers of course. This results in unwanted brightness values on the textures. So the question and if not if an older version can be used on the system or rolled back. This is an essential function for my art.

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Thanks for your question, we will look into it and ask the Tools Team. We will come back to you as soon as we have information.

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Hi Sick_Alice01,

You can access previous releases of PVRTexTool in our Developer Portal (please note you need to register in order to download any files)

Also, in the latest version of PVRTexTool, you can try encoding your RGBA PNG file to RGB:

  • Go to the woodworking clamp icon (the one with the label “Encode the new texture to a new format”) in the top icon bar.
  • Under Group/API: select Vulkan.
  • Under Bits Per Pixel: select how many bits per pixel you want your encoded image to have. For instance, if you are working with an RGBA8, select 24. If you are working with an RGBA16 png, select 48.
  • You should now see listed a set of possible RGB options to encode your image.
  • Select the one that better suits your needs (Signed / Unsigned / Normalised) and click Encode.
  • The new generated image now has RGB channels and no alpha channel.
  • Under FileSave Image… you can save the new encoded texture as PNG with no alpha.

Let me know if you need any help or clarification.

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Thank you. I’ll bookmark and maybe test and bring back the input but I’m more likely to just roll back (4.17.0 is the last where the feature works I have noted). Too much of my work is held up and going through that process each time is going to take a lot of time away from the art itself cumulatively. I go through this process on a regular basis.

If your looking for speed and efficiency then I would recommend using the command line tool to batch process several images, rather than clicking through the GUI one at at a time.

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