incomplete triangle mesh

hi i am using a pvr SGX chipset and am running a sample application to test opengl 2.0 compliance. a part of the application is to read a triangle mesh for a terrain and other objects which are then rendered onto the screen. what i see is an incomplete mesh as in there are lots of triangle which appear to have not gone through the gl pipeline.

i have used lots of glFinish() calls just to ensure completion of pipeline and then a swap buffer but without results.

the logs gathered during the application showed one line consistently:
"OSEventObjectWait: failed [1634, osfunc.c] TLSId:70
  PVR:(Error): PVRSRVEventObjectWait: Error 6 returned [522, …/…/…/…/services4/srvclient/env/nucleus/common/osfunc_um.c] TLSId:70
 PVR:(Error): WaitForRender: PVRSRVEventObjectWait failed [106, sgxif.c] TLSId:70"

any suggestions as to what might be the problem and possible solutions.
i am not working in a multi-threaded environment.

thanks a ton…

Which platform are you using and which version of the drivers for that platform?

How are you submitting your geometry - what vertex format are you using, are you submitting strips or lists etc.?

we are using a proprietary platform on a mobile. vertices are of the type GL_FLOAT. we are using indices to create the geometry. GL_TRIANGLES is our basic and only primitive. there is a vbo that contains all data including vertices, tex coords, normals and so on. glDrawElement is used to render the mesh.
driver version in use - DDK 1.4 (2724)

This looks like it might be driver problems with your platform.

For us to support you properly can you send an email to so the relevant people can talk to you directly, please?