iPAD is PowerVR inside?


Can anyone confirm that the A4 uses a PowerVR SGX core for graphics?
I suppose it does since it can run iphone Apps seamlessly. But confirmation would be nice.

It seems the obvious choice for many many reasons. But I doubt anyone can comment here until Apple are willing for them to do so… At the moment we are being referred to the standard iPad spec page on Apple’s web site. yawn

If anyone here can go out on a limb it would be appreciated, but certainly not worth getting a chewing out over. :wink:

Perhaps predictably, we can’t really comment on this right now. Sorry guys.

Perfectly understandable Approve. I was only interested to know if it included the new IP that supports OpenCL, that would be interesting from an R&D point of view.

same idea !

Didn’t Apple already confirme that they use PowerVR SGX in the iPad? See:
Any plans for a POWERVR SDK for the iPad?

It may very well be more powerful on paper, but with Apple so concerned

about battery life I would expect it to be undervolted and underclocked

from spec to save power, with no way to bring it up to full speed. At

least nobody has to worry about it getting overly hot though.

For a table by Apple of the GPUs of various Apple devices see here: