Issue with float texture

I’m trying to use the GL_OES_texture_float extension on ES2 PC emulator (win32).
Pixel type: GL_FLOAT
Pixel format: GL_RGB

However my object render is invisible or black if I override the alpha component to 1.0.
So it seems my texture contains only zeros.
My sample variable is well defined using highp qualifier.
My graphic card is: GeForce 8300 GS/PCI/SSE2

Am I missing something? Has anyone been there before?

Is your texture mipmap complete, i.e. does it have all mipmap levels or are you using GL_NEAREST as the minification filter?

I’m using GL_NEAREST and GL_CLAMP_TO_EDGE. I don’t want mipmap.

I was trying to find an example in the SDK but I could not find any.

I’ve added an extension requirement precompiler statement to my fragment shader:
#extension GL_OES_texture_float : require

That causes the compilation to return an error saying the extension is not supported. That’s funny cause the extensions string does mention GL_OES_texture_float.

Any thought? Do I need to configure the SDK in some ways for this to work?

Could you please send narrowed example showing the issue you have described in your first post so we can reproduce it?Â


Unfortunately I can’t do that so easily cause the whole thing is part of a larger framework. When I get a chance I’ll try to implement a minimalistic example reproducing this issue as it seems the only way forward now.

On the other hand if someone had such a demo application showing basic usage of GL_OES_texture_float extension that would probably fix me up too.

Here is the compilation error that I get when adding the “require” directive into my fragment shader:

ERROR: 0:8: Extension GL_OES_texture_float not supported
ERROR: 1 compilation errors. No code generated.

Still working on PC emulator with the graphic card mentioned above. glGetString(GL_EXTENSIONS) does contain GL_OES_texture_float.

The GLSL #extension mechanism only applies to extensions to the language. GL_OES_texture_float does not extend the shading language.

I see. Good to know. Thanks a lot for that answer.
So I don’t need to do anything to enable GL_OES_texture_float?
It should just work if supported right?


There is a bug within implementation of OES_texture_float. Our next release (SDK 2.7) will have it fixed.


Thanks for looking into this issue.
Do you have any indicative release date for that SDK 2.7?

The 2.7 SDK should now be available from our website: