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Linux demos.


Hi, I installed Ubuntu 7.0 version, to run demos in Linux. Which tutorials should I reference? Linux PC Emulation(3.1.2) or Linux PC(3.2)?

What is the meaning of <platfomr>, it seems I cannot compile the files. Does anyone else try the Linux demos yet?


Hi, is there any expert who could answer my question, thanks a lot!!!


Hi, the PLATFORM environment variable is telling the makefile for which platform you want to compile the SDK demos. In your case, since you are building for Linux (desktop) PC you should build the SDK using command: “make PLATFORM=LinuxPC”.

I must say that I don’t understand the first question, what do you mean by “Linux PC Emulation(3.1.2) or LinuxPC(3.2)”. In general, by “Linux PC Emulation” we refer to the libraries and (on linux) that run on Linux desktop PCs.

Could you please explain the problem in more details?


So can I run the demos in Linux machine? It shows error message as error when loading…

what I mentioned in tutorial, is which should I reference? LinuxPC emulation or Linux?It seems confusing…

Thanks a lot!


Yes, the PC Emulation libraries are made so that people can try developing OpenGL ES 1.X and OpenGL ES 2.0 applications on their Linux and Windows desktop computers.

On this web page, if you go to e.g.: Developers -> POWERVR Insider SDK ->

Khronos OpenGL ES 2.0 SDKs for the POWERVR SGX family -> Download Khronos OpenGL ES 2.0

From there you can download the SDK for either Windows or Linux. If you download the Linux version then uncompress it, go to directory <some training course>/OGLES<version>/Build/LinuxGeneric
and run: make PLATFORM=LinuxPC.

The package should contain and libraries which you need. If you get any error while building one of the training courses please post the full build output here so that I can see what’s going wrong.