Loading KTX2 file with PVRTexLib.lib

I am developing a plugin to import glTF for 3dsMax.
I’m trying to convert KTX2 to PNG using PVRTexLib, So I implemented the code:

But it does not seem to load the KTX2 image.(m_hTexture=0)
I use Khronos glTF sample data and not a special image, but do I need to do any initialization before loading?


Hi Hayashi,

Welcome to the PVR Developer forum and thank you for reporting the issue for KTX2 file formats. We have found it to be a bug with PVRTexLib and the same has been fixed internally. For us to be able to share the internal build with you, we would like you to register and raise a ticket in our support portal, [PowerVR Insider Support] https://pvrsupport.imgtec.com.