Motion Blur

Hi…can anyone help me to get a motion blur effect using opengl es 2…
blur effect for a moving object (not full scene motion blur)
thanks in advance…

if somebody already got it worked, plz help me in this…i cudn’t find any proper solution in net Cry

doesn’t have a code with me right now, anyway, here is the solution which can be found from DirectX SDK Sample

1. create 2 RTs (RenderTexture) of 216bit float - this for storing ScreenSpace Velocity
2. render your moving objects into this buffer - calculating ScreenSpace Velocity, (the velocity buffers will be swapped as the frame progress)
3. Postprocessing - do Blending per-pixel along the velocity we stored 

Sorry cannot have any better description, the similar technique also can be found in GPU Gems 3 - free to read at NVidia website

if ES20 cannot have float RT, you have to encode its velocity somehow into RGBA8

hope this helps :slight_smile:

Thanks a lot Aik, for a fast response…and this is very helpfull and i got the link as
trying to see things blurredSmile…thanks a lot…