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PowerVR GPU's implementation full details



I just wanted to know if it would be possible for SDK people to include those details in the package as a pdf/txt.

I mean, so far i didn't find any documentation describing for example if all sgx family has the same number of texture units, if they support the minimum ogles specs or if they have some more "goodies".

It would be very conveniant to have that if we do not own the device yet or just for comparing (for example sgx530 and 535).

Voila :)



This is something we would like to add a document for this in the future, but it’s difficult to go into a great amount of detail without encountering NDA issues or compromising our IP by exposing too much information about the underlying architecture.

As far as the OGLES driver implementation goes, the additional extensions supported are completely platform dependent, so this is something you would have to query on a per device basis.


Hello :),

Thank you for the answer.

I saw later after posting that question that it's your customers who builds (or sadly doesn't) their own driver.

Too bad you can't kick those who doesn't make decent drivers for your hardware :p (thinking of gma500)


No worries.

There are cases where it could be advantageous to have more control over shipped drivers, but for the most part our customers produce very good results. Hopefully those who aren’t quite as successful can learn from their past mistakes ;)Joe2010-10-06 17:21:45



I represent a customer who meet problem with GMA500. We are targeting to develop end user graphics driver for RTOS32 (real time OS) and I did not find any documents or specifications to support such development. So now we are in a big trouble.

If it would be possible to have some help on it?

newstep2010-10-30 10:46:01