Problem with the PVRTexLib user manual

In 3.2. Given Raw Pixel Data, Pre-process, Encode and Save:

You use MGLPT_ARGB_8888 but it's not a standard format so it raise the error "Can't compress data that isn't in one of the PVRTexLib's standard formats"

You use the sOriginalTexture in the line:

PVRU->CompressPVR(sOriginalTexture, sCompressedTexture, 0);

i think there is a mistake it should be sProcessTexture:

PVRU->CompressPVR(sOriginalTexture, sCompressedTexture, 0);

But when i do that (without the setNormalMap and setMipMapCount because i want a normal texture without mimaps), the final PVR is just black with 0 alpha (1.0, 1.0, 1.0, 0.0)

Also, the bHasAlpha seams to do nothing, the documentation says nothing about that.

I have a RGB image that i transform to RGBA with FreeImage, i pass it to PVRTexLib in  pvrtexlib::eInt8StandardPixelType. The final PVR doesn't have the alpha properties whether the bHasAlpha is true or not. Does it detect this automaticaly?

These are all issues with the previous version of PVRTexLib (there was a documentation mix-up, amongst other things).

Please download the latest public version of the library (v3.8).

This page is very confusing:

There is no version number on the second link. I checked the 3.8 and as you said, there is a documentation update.

Also the PvrTexLib in the  Khronos OpenGL ES 1.x SDKs for the POWERVR MBX family is still the old one.

bruno.deligny2009-02-05 12:59:24

Ok now it began to work, but i found a bug:

 pvrtexlib::CPVRTextureHeader sProcessHeader(sOriginalTexture.getHeader());

after that, the sOriginalTexture has the borders but not the flag.

The flag issue was fixed for the release due this month (along with the previous borders issue in your other thread). An obvious workaround in the meantime is to set the flag yourself using CPVRTextureHeader::setBorder(true) or similar.

I’ll see if I can get the web guys to improve the download page.