PVRSRVAllocDeviceMem: Error 3 returned and GL_OUT_OF_MEMORY on Sumsung Galaxy S4

My mobile application crash very frequently on Sumsung Galaxy S4, does not crash on other mobile device.

I use PVRTrace get error log "glDrawElements(GL_TRIANGLES, 6, GL_UNSIGNED_SHORT, 0xbb8) => :: Error: GL_OUT_OF_MEMORY ", but the mobile still has a lot of memory

At the same time, the error log “IMGSRV: :0: PVRSRVAllocDeviceMem: Error 3 returned” was also be printed

My mobile is Sumsung Galaxy S4(GT-I9500)
And GPU is PowVR SGX 544MP
OpenGL ES2.0

Greate thanks in advance if someone could give me some clues for the problem


can you please send us the PVRTrace file so we can take a look at the problem?


Hi Marton,
This is the PVRTrace file’s link

pvrtrace file