pvrtc - success story

I’ve been using pvr for few days now, and happy with their performance. I’d like (i doubpt it’s not possible) if there’s a way to do in target device compression to pvr. i have to support a third party applications in my software and all images are provided as png, the idea is to uncompress png once and to convert them to pvr. is it possible ?

Thank you in advance.

Currently we provide no code to compress to PVRTC at runtime, i.e. on device. Is there a reason you cannot compress the pngs you mention offline?

As i have said, users may add their own pictures, install their own applications witch come with their own ressources. a ral use-case is the id tag that are present in some audio format, they consume lot of emmory, the idea is to prevent this by converting the pictures to pvr on the fly cash them and use them when they’re ready next time.