PVRTexLib: Save texture into utf-8 path

I have the issue to store a image by using CPVRTexture::saveFileLegacyPVR. It fails when the target path contains any unicode characters, like chinese. For latin characters it works.
Is there any way to solve this problem?

seb2012-08-03 12:44:25

Hi Seb,

This is nothing specific to PVRTexLib - internally it just calls fopen with whatever byte string you pass to it. The success or failure of this command should depend solely on the underlying file system - nothing else is touched on by the library, all it sees is a byte string.

This may depend on the your system’s “locale” - i.e. where it thinks it is. If the locale includes concessions for utf-8, then the function should work with utf-8. Checking this sort of information will depend on what system you’re running on however.



Thank you for the answer. The point is that our application is created with VS2010 and the locale is english locale. The locale can’t be changed and VS C++ seems to not support setting of utf-8 locale.