PVRTexLib transcoding results in artifacts in texture.

Hi guys!

I have an issue where transcoding an texture using pvrtexture::Transcode and saving it out with the premultiplied header flag enabled. I get a column of pixels, 8 pixels high, at the edge of the texture. I’ve attached a screenshot of it in the PVRTexTool.

I am transcoding it to the pvrtc_4bpp_rgba format and the artefacts only show when I am using high or best quality. (Does not happen in normal quality).

I am using:

PVR SDK 3.3, revision 2.

Appreciate any insight into this. Thanks!


Hi Julezz,

The PVRTexTool lead is out of the office this week. He should be able to discuss the issue with you once he returns.

If you create a bug report and attach the input image to it, it should help speed up our investigation (and it gives visibility of progress to other developers).