PVRTexTool 2016 R2 Visual Studio 2015 unresolved CPVRTString::npos


In my project I tried to link to PVRTexLib.lib and it can’t find symbol to CPVRTString::npos:

[scode lang="{language}"]error LNK2001: unresolved external symbol “public: static unsigned __int64 const CPVRTString::npos”[/scode]

The project uses runtime library /MD (Multi-threaded dll) and /MDd (Multi-threaded debug dll).

Searching the forum some posts mention CPVRTString.cpp but I can’t find the file in the PowerVR Tools & SDK installation directory.

Please help.

My bad. Forgot to define _WINDLL_IMPORT before includes.

I encountered the same problem.But it not done when i define _WINDLL_IMPORT before includes.
Please help.

How you add the _WINDLL_IMPORT?
Can you help me?