I’m using PVRTexToolCLI on Windows for compressing textures to ETC1 and ETC2 formats. I launch multiple instances at the same time, so the CPU core utilisation is at 100%. There’s a large number of texture atlases and full compression takes some 4-5 hours on 4-core i7 @ 4GHz. Occasionally, after running this for a while, there’s an apparent overheat issue which affects the display driver (NVIDIA) and the computer eventually crashes. CPU seems to be well cooled, but the GPU (GTX 980 Ti) heat sink feels quite warm. This has occurred numerous times, and only during the compression is running.

The question is, does ETCx compression use GPU code, i.e., should I blame CPU or GPU cooling?

Hi Jan,

The ETC compressor in PVRTexTool is CPU only. GPU accelerated compression has been considered, but hasn’t made it into a release yet.

Thank you!