Question about fresnel reflect in training course


      We use training course"fresnel reflection" for environment mapping. When the model change to cube, it looks different with our expect. We expect to see the Reflect Texture direct map to the cube, however, we only see some cloud? I wonder why not like reflection on ball model that we can figure out the Reflect Texture? Could you explain the result for me? Maybe what I want to reach on cube is another effect? Thank you very much

Reflection on Cube

Reflection on Ball

Expect effect (like the right quad effect)


Fresnel reflections may not be the effect that you are expecting. If you want to purely environment-map a mesh, take a look at the ‘Reflections’ training course which provides a simpler and more efficient version of environment mapping which should fulfil your needs.

By the way, your image links don’t appear to work so I cannot explain why you are experiencing issues.

Dear Arron,

       Well…I modify the photo’s permission, but when I insert image link, it is still not visible. Please access the album’s link

       As you mentioned, I also notice the “Reflections” training course. In our case, we have two textures ( one for base, one for reflect map). In “Reflections” training course, only use cubeMap case will use two textures, and the reflection map is made of cube texture in this course. It’s alike our reflection texture, so that’s why we choose “Fresnel reflections” for reference(it looks more similar about reflection map (2D texture)). As our art designer’s experiment, he found the result effect on cube is different with what 3DMax output( you can see photo3,4 in album). I think maybe we misuse the example. Hope you can give us some advise or any hint.

        Thank you for your kindly reply.



Hi again,

The Reflections training course has two modes - one uses cube mapping and the other uses a 2D texture. Fresnel reflections have a higher quality reflection as they take in to account refraction of the object being textured. The “Water” demo featured in our SDK uses fresnel reflections for the water effect so this might be of use to you if you wish for this effect.

If you want a plain and simple environment map but with a 2D texture instead of a cube map, take a closer look at the Reflection training course and you will see the two separate modes.