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release problem




i am working with OGLES2_WINDOWS_PCEMULATION_2.05.25.0804 on our project,

on Windows XP, using Visual Studio.

when i run the release version of the PodPlayer from the visual studio it works fine.

when I run it by double clicking the exe file the scene is completely dark!

the application doesn't crash, just showing a black screen.


it seems like some uninitialised variable, because some times it may work, and it also works fine with the debug version.


has any one seen anything similar?

thanx in advance,



I haven’t seen this exact issue, although I did notice a few problems when I’ve been working on the code recently that needed fixing.

One thing to check is the log.txt file that the PODPlayer generates to see what issues the program is reporting. Does it happen with a single POD file or with any file you try?


this is happen with any pod file i try

and the log file seem good . all initialized ok...


thank u