sample code for threaded texture.

I would have to do the following :

T#1: Create a background GL thread (1x1 pbuffer or use EGL_KHR_surfaceless_context if it’s available)

T#2: Create an FBO

T#2: Bind a texture to it

T#2: Call glClear() (the allocation will be done at this point, as the driver postpones allocation until the first operation is issued)

T#2: Once the glClear() returns, send a signal to your main thread that the texture is available for use

T#1: Bind the texture (whose backing store has now been allocated) to an FBO

T#1: Reuse the texture attachment without any overhead

do we have working sample for the same via emulator.

Hello Mohanavelu,

Yes, we have an example which is included in the 3.3 SDK release. It is called “MultiThreading” and is located in the SDK_3.3/Examples/Intermediate/MultiThreading directory.