SGX 530 colour keying?

I’ve started development work on the Beagleboard featuring the OMAP3530 and I’ve been trying to find out whether the SGX 530 supports colour keying.

I’ve found a number of sites with specifications but none mention colour keying.  So I’ve finally come here to ask the question.

Does the SGX 530 support colour keying?


Which API do you want to use, and do you mean source or destination colour keying? Source colour keying can be implemented using OpenGL ES 2.0 fragment shaders. Destination colour keying would require programmable blending, which is not exposed in OpenGL ES at the moment.

We were interested in destination colour keying using Directfb.  We have some older code that uses colour keying and were thinking of porting it to the Beagleboard.  However I think its time that we move away from colour keying and do it another way.

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Hi in here, i know this thread is a bit old, but i need a professional outlook.
What is the actual difference between SGX 540 and SGX 530?
I tried to googled it, but no straightforward answer unfortunately. 

Tobias2012-04-20 10:55:26

The differences between cores have to do with things like the features available, the number of shader processor units, texture units and versions of these and other parts available in the core. Unfortunately, I’m only allowed to talk about the details under NDA or other confidentiality agreement.

The factsheets give some information about the different cores, available here:

Unofficial information can be found in PowerVR’s Wikipedia entry, but I can’t vouch for the reliability of any of the data there.