SGXPerfServer and Android (native)

Hi there,


Is the SGXPerfServer downloaded as part of the LINUX_ARMV7 tarball supposed to work on Android 2.2 native?  When I adb shell to the device and try to execute it (./SGXPerfServer), it says, "not found".  (I've already changed the permissions for it to be executable). 


Am I missing something?  Or do I need a different executable?



Hi Tom,

The Linux version will not run natively on Android. We do have a native implementation of SGXPerfServer, but we’re in the final stages of testing our JNI SGXPerfServer (uses a Java wrapper) and will be uploading this to the website soon. We’ve decided to favour this over distribution of the native version as it can also be used on non-rooted devices.



Ok thanks.  I’ll be eager to give it a shot when you guys are ready.


Is “PerfServer” open source?

I'd like to get the performance data when GPU is working?


Or any other simple example to get the performance of GPU?