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I was wondering if you could add mip maps to existing images? Also I opened up your skybox.pvr in the skybox2 example and was wondering how you got rid of the edges? Can you get rid of them in PVRTexTool?


Hello John

it already contain mipmaps,

I believe that you will have to cut the edge using your photoshop to prepare your custom skybox,and then using the textool gui do the proper operation , take the same setting provided by the original anyway.




there is in the command line way to setup width and height (the size of the image) ,cutting the edge but it s better to do a proper one no?


I was just wondering how they actually smoothed out the edges for the map to look more natural? So was this done using third party software then?




yes i think so, baking texture or setting them up properly in the correct format , with in head what can do PVTTextool for you is a good thinks to avoid surprises…or big complication.By my side , i render to texture and use ambiant occlusion with 3ds max , that is really good and add nice feel on device.I rarely see probs with the pvrtextool since the latest release.