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Slow graphics performance



I have OMAP5432 devboard on which I want to run an application with ~200 textures. Application and resources are stored on class 10 uSD card directly plugged into the board. Application runs without a problem and with steady FPS but requires long time start initially. Stdout log indicates that most of the loading time falls on reading .png files.

How can I boost the start and make resources load faster?




PNG files will be slow to load as they have to be converted into raw RGBA data before they can be uploaded to OpenGL ES.

Instead ,you should use a compressed format that can be read natively by the GPU (e.g. PVRTC or ETC), or you should use raw RGBA data. PVRTC will be best for run-time performance (and optimized storage size) as data is compressed to 2 bits per pixel or 4 bits per pixel (depending on the compression mode that was used).