Texture Tool doc errors

In the table about supported texture output formats starting on page 19 of the document “PVRTexTool Reference” the command line parameter is wrong for the format “OpenGL ARGB 1555”. It says “OGL1555” where it should be “OGL5551”. I wonder if “OpenGL ARGB 1555” is incorrect too. The OpenGL constant “OGL_RGBA_5551” is correct.

Missing in the table is the “OpenGL A8 format”.

Another doc issue: the “-nt” option is described as follows:

No twiddle. (Twiddle is enabled by default except for .dds files)

The wording is very confusing and actually seems wrong because it suggests that this “Twiddle” is enabled by default for any other file format besides dds. Actually, the documentation states the contrary elsewhere:

When creating a texture with the OpenGL ES API, for instance, the texture source data must not be twiddled, as the drivers will perform the twiddling internally prior to uploading the texture to the hardware.

Hi zmippie,


As with TexTool we've addressed these issues, and they are ready for the next SDK release. Thanks for letting us know!