The extension GL_OES_matrix_palette is unsupported

Dear IMG team,

For some reason I cannot run any demos in my Windows 7 environment which require GL_OES_matrix_palette support.

Always getting same error:
ERROR: The extension GL_OES_matrix_palette is unsupported.

Although any of them perfectly works on my Webos device.

I am using Khronos OpenGL ES 1.1 SDK for Webos + Visual Studio 2010.

After checking one demo's project properties I found that it uses glext.h file from Palm PDK directory which doesn't contain anything about GL_OES_matrix_palette. And the right glext.h is located at ......BuildsOGLESIncludeGLES
Although both Palm PDK and ......BuildsOGLESIncludeGLES are included into project as additional directories.

as an examples of this demo could be 11_MatrixPalette.

Is there any solution for that problem?

Thank you!

igor.melnikov wrote:
Is there any solution for that problem?


I'm afraid not. The emulation that comes with the Palm PDK doesn't support it. If you would like to develop your OGLES app on Windows you could use our OGLES PC Emulation SDK (available from which does support the GL_OES_matrix_palette extension.


Thank you Scott,

Installing PC Emulation SDK solved my problems and I am able now to continue development in my Windows environment.