unsure on how to texture using .jpg .png file

Hey guys, I’m quite new to OGLES2.0 and was hoping someone could help. I’m not sure how I can load in my image files texture my quad that I created from 2 triangles. Does the SDK come with an image loader and if so how do you use it? As I know you can’t just throw the file at the API.

Thanks in advance.

There is no support for image files other than PVR in the SDK.

If you need pixel perfect ( no compression ) images you can import your jpeg file and re-export it as a PVR file with no compression (RGB) - this will work just fine but it will significantly increase the size of your image file.

This only matters as far as disk space is concerned - in-memory representation of your image ( regardless of the original file format) will take just as much memory - the underlying hardware can only work with GLES compatible image formats anyway ( either raw rgb images or vendor specific compression formats like PVR or ETC)

Hi Warmi, thanks for the reply. How would you go about loading in .PVR files?

Check out their examples directory … that’s what they are for.

For instance ; PowerVRGraphicsSDKSDK_3.0ExamplesBeginner5_IntroducingPVRTools

This one does exactly what you are looking for … it loads a pvr image ( which was converted from a png image included in the project) and displays it mapped to a triangle.