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what OES extensions supported




Can you please tell, what all extensions specially OES extensions are supported in 1.1 Emulator?
Is it only the ones included in gl.h supported? Do we have any OES extension from glext.h also supported like GL_OES_draw_texture?




Please make sure that you are using emulation library in version 4.2. To do it see into output of glGetString(GL_RENDERER) which should contain "PowerVR PVRVFrame 4.2". Note that extension are determined by chosen hadrware profile which can be set in pcviewer_es1.cfg (ES1) or pcviewer_es2.cfg (es2) in directory where are you pcemulation libraries used for running given es application. More about configuration files can be found in pvrvframe manual.

As for the whihc extensions are supported in pcemulation then, the answer is that any extension that appears in EXTENSION string is supported by pcemulation. Note that string varies depending on API and chosen profile. GL_OES_draw_texture is supported by pcemulation , most of the extensions from OES glext should be supported but not all right now are available. If there is extension mentioned in particular (for given profile)EXTENSION string then it is supported.

If you have a difficulty figuring out which extensions are supported depending on profile and API then please let me now and I will put current full list here


jacekc2009-04-15 17:23:49