Why should I update pvrv2 to pvrv3?

I already know that pvrv3 has a new file header, but why I need it? I confuse whether v3 has a more powerful compression, faster loading , less picture loss or something else really take a benefit for me.

Hi Ringo,

PVR v3 is only a new header format, the reason to update is that PVR v2 is deprecated. PVR v2’s method of storing pixel formats was too inflexible to support the wide range of formats that PVRTexTool and modern graphics APIs support. PVR v3 also supports meta data which can be added to give additional information about how to use a texture, such as texture atlas coordinates or information about the order which cube map faces are stored. If you don’t need any of PVR v3’s features you don’t need to update right now, but please bear in mind that support for creating these files may be removed from our tools at some point in the future.



Oh, I know now ,thanks for your answer